HydroBlox installations take 1/4 the time and do not require all the other materials and equipment used for old technology systems.

HydroBlox is the easiest way to end a swampy, muddy yard. Why tear up a yard with heavy equipment and gravel for a french drain that will fail between one and seven years?

HydroBlox installations take one quarter the time and no require aggregate, filter cloth and expensive excavation. 

The typical installation involves digging a trench 2-4 inches wide and approximately 12” deep spanning the area where you want to move water from to where you want the water carried.  Into that trench is inserted the HydroBlox planks.  Each plank only needs to touch the other for water to be conveyed from one to the next.  The top soil is replaced and will provide at least 3” of soil above the plank. However, HydroBlox must be backfilled and top filled with GOOD yard soil.

Do NOT backfill with:

 - Clay soil
 - Gravel (unless using HydroBlox in a gravity fed system)

 - Gravelly soil (unless using in a gravity fed system)
 - Brick
 - Block
 - Stones

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