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HydroBlox Noodles


The HydroBlox Noodles are a new take on an old problem. These are the same noodles that make up the planks but are not formed into a plank. The loose noodles are used in urban planters, as a replacement for soil in planters and as a permanent method of increasing the flow rate of water for difficult to drain soil mediums.


We manufacture the noodles individually. Why? They are fantastic in planting and gardening. Simply fill any planter or flower pot approximately half-way with the noodles and top with your potting soil of choice. Grow time is shorter, allowing you to have beautiful flourishing plants all season long. A huge benefit is, the containers are lightweight and can be moved around your patio or yard with ease. 



HydroNoodles can be tilled in to your garden! Year after year, the noodles will continue to produce healthy plants, vegetation, whatever is planted. In both applications, the void space created with the noodles allows the water to nourish the plants as needed. Also the noodles create the means for a strong, healthy root system. 


  • Environmentally friendly, made of 100% recycled materials

  • Simple, Easy to Use - Fill pots and/or planters half-way with noodles. Then top with your favorite potting soil.

  • Effective, Productive - Better drainage. Root systems are better maintained. These create healthy, flourishing plants.

  • Eco-Friendly, Sustainable - The noodles can be used year after year. They sustain the same function each season.

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