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Residential Stormwater


The development of green infrastructure and stormwater mitigation techniques on private property is a problem that now has a green solution. 
HydroBlox Stormwater Systems are a superior alternative to typical drywells or trenches. A hollow box is constructed from HydroPlanks. One end is capped with HydroBlox and the other end attaches to a downspout. Due to its porous, high-void composition, it's an efficient, non-compressible product that will release stormwater into the water table at the same rate as undeveloped soil.

A typical 100 square foot trench for a drywell is reduced to a 40 square foot HydroBlox Stormwater Box that is installed without aggregate or geotextile. Excavation requirements are significantly scaled down and the installation cost is reduced by over 60%!

Sizing the HydroBlox Stormwater System is simply a matter of adding additional boxes allowing for an unlimited size of stormwater applications.


  • Dimensions: 2” thick, 9" wide, 7.5' long

  • Weight: 130 lbs. (approx.)

  • Support 102.41 tons/sq. ft. of compression

  • Drainage capacity of more than 0.810 gal/sq. ft. /sec.

  • Environmentally friendly, made of 100% recycled materials

Stormwater Box Install.jpeg
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