Keeping a steep slope from transforming into a landslide is accomplished with dramatically reduced logistic cost and less labor.

HydroBlox HydroPlanks have been proven in the field to successfully intercept ground water from hillsides and cut profiles, while preventing erosion along hillsides. Traditional systems of drainage for the oil and gas industry require massive amounts of aggregate, which are often transported down steep hills – a cumbersome, time-consuming process. HydroPlanks facilitate the materials handling process. They are easily transported to the site in pallets and are simple to install by hand, either horizontally or vertically. 

Why HydroPlanks for Pipeline Drainage?

  • Prevent hillside erosion

  • Cost-effective, permanent drainage solution

  • Easy to transport to site

  • Quick and simple to install

  • Does not clog or accumulate silt

  • Durable enough to withstand heavy equipment

  • Requires no additional materials such as sand, stone or geotextiles.

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