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HydroBlox is able to keep a steep slope from transforming into a landslide and is accomplished with dramatically reduced logistic cost and less labor.

HydroBlox HydroPlanks have been proven in the field to successfully intercept ground water from hillsides and cut profiles, while preventing erosion along hillsides. Traditional systems of drainage for the oil and gas industry require massive amounts of aggregate, which are often transported down steep hills – a cumbersome, time-consuming process. HydroPlanks facilitate the materials handling process. They are easily transported to the site on pallets and are simple to install by hand, either horizontally or vertically. 

The lightweight and high-strength structure of our HydroPlanks make them the ideal solution to solve your bank stabilization challenges.


We understand that the cost of addressing bank stabilization using traditional methods can run into tens of thousands. It is a labor intensive process and may need to be revisited several times during the lifetime of an installation. In the oil and gas industry alone, the clean-up cost of pipelines failures can reach millions for any given incident.

HydroBlox has an unparalleled and proven solution to mitigate against the ever present danger presented by the land surrounding your site. Already adopted by major oil and gas line engineers in the United States, it will minimize the risk of soil erosion and landslides, rejuvenate damaged land and save you weeks of construction time.

  • Lightweight, compact, easy to store and transport.

  • No requirement for large trenches, gravel, sand, aggregate, fittings or fabric barriers.

  • Instead pre-fabricated walls of Hydroblox are simply dropped into drainage trenches. Significantly reducing ground disturbance, and removing the need for large scale excavation/earth removal in and around your site.

  • A compact labor force without bulldozers and backhoes are able to rapidly complete this activity more safely, at an unmatched level of efficiency.

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