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HydroBlox planks are a permanent solution superior to traditional drainage, stabilization, and green infrastructure systems for a wide range of industries. The product’s high-void structure allows for a drainage capacity and structural stability greater than stone or pipe. Fast and easy to install, HydroPlanks use advanced capillary action to redirect stormwater in any direction, without clogging.
When installed either vertically or horizontally, there is no need to connect the planks, as the water moves from one plank to the next through the material’s capillaries. However, when additional stability or continuous surface area of HydroBlox plank is required, such as in creating a permeable pavement sub-base or a trafficking surface, connect the planks with landscape spikes. Extremely versatile, HydroPlanks can retrofit traditional drainage systems by connecting with a HydroBlox Transition Box
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In addition to standard HydroBlox, we now have HydroBlox HD. This is a heavier and more durable product that allows trafficking directly on the plank. The flow rate is approximately 50-55% of regular HydroBlox.
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HydroBlox 360 is the result of a new method to reuse plastic from the oil & gas industry. The result is the most environmentally friendly and technically superior product on the market.